Ghost Ship – Costly

costlyGhost Ship is probably one of my favorite bands on the planet. Not only are they sonically brilliant, fantastic songwriters and ridiculous musicians, they easily have the coolest band name on the planet. Their newest record, Costly, is a tour de force from beginning to end. It’s theologically weighty, but totally attainable and singable. Stylistically, they could be setting out to redeem folk rock, but I doubt that’s their mission. There’s a lot of dobro and that’s not a bad thing. Cam Huxford, the band’s leader is a former pastor at Mars Hill and his heart for the church truly comes out in his songwriting. Many of the songs deal with pain, suffering, sin and the glorious mission of Christ redeeming us back to himself.  My favorite thing about Ghost Ship is how “listenable” they are. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to their EPs and records over the past few years. It sounds cheesy, but their music is truly easy on the ears. You could put Costly on repeat all day and I wouldn’t be mad about it. In fact, I recommend you do just that.

We were the long discarded We were the weak and useless We needed rescue and help We were the long forgotten We were the disregarded We couldn’t care for ourselves But a Father was coming for us You adopted us in And you made us your own You adopted us in And you gave us a home, yeah

Look what God has done
He redeemed us with his blood
We were lost and dead in sin; he came for us
Look what God has done
He adopted us in love
We were orphans without hope, now his children


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Keifer Navey, Charlotte, NC
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Sojourn Music – New Again

sojournSojourn Music is always amazing to me because I believe cultural context is important. These guys sound like their Louisville, KY roots, which always impresses me more than the church that has just spent thousands of dollars making a record that sounds more like Hillsong than what’s appropriate to their culture and context. Sojourn’s newest record is a breath of fresh air, considering most worship records coming out either have 38 minute songs or sound like they were produced by Steve Aoki. Theologically heavy and accessible to the congregation, this record is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Additionally, as a guitar player I would like to note that Mike Cosper should be your new guitar hero. I mean the guy uses dotted eighth and it actually sounds cool again. His guitar tones are great and the man’s just got a solid ear for what’s the best thing to play.


Death is defeated  and Jesus reigns
Tell the world there is hope in His name
He pushed back the darkness
He conquered our sin
And Christ will make all things new again
And Christwill make all things new again

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Keifer Navey, Charlotte, NC
Instagram: @arnoldkeifernavey
Twitter: @keifer_navey


Young Oceans – Young Oceans

youngoceanWell, this should be a blast! For my first Music Monday, I’d like to give you a record and a band that I love dearly. Young Oceans is probably the best band you’ve never heard of and their debut self-titled record is always on my iPhone. Rooted in Brooklyn, New York, the indie-liturgical vibes are alive and well in this band. Contextually, it’s raw just like the city they come from. Sonically, it’s a well balanced first record with diverse colors painted across the expressive canvas. Lead Singer Eric Marshall’s pastoral heart comes out in the accessible and singable lyrics that you can’t believe you have not sang in church yet. The obedience of Christ, the sovereignty of God, and the sanctification of His church are just a few record-long themes, and the overall vibes of the record make it perfect for private prayer time.

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Come let us praise Him, let us kneel at the throne of our God
Through His Son our salvation was bought with mercy and grace
Come let us bow down, in His hands are the depths of the earth
With one voice we proclaim His great worth, Lord our God
And we will seek Him, our rock of salvation
Morning by morning with thanksgiving we come
And we will bow down, with creation we cry out
In daylight and darkness we sing to the Lord
Great is our God, Great is our God, Great is our God

Keifer Navey, Charlotte, NC
Instagram: @arnoldkeifernavey
Twitter: @keifer_navey


Keep It Shut

I know I haven’t blogged recently, and I am so sorry for it. I feel like in a matter of a year, I went from having zero hobbies to more than I can handle. I learned to play bass, started knitting, began to read more books, played more video games, started this website, picked up journaling, started jogging, and now I bought a new bike! My husband, Keifer, says I’m awful with time management. I think he might be right. But what I’m even more awful at is keeping my mouth shut.

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A Voice In The Wind

Hvoicewindadassah (the main character) taught me that our faith, no matter how weak and flawed, can help us persevere through anything; it isn’t by ourselves, but rather the hands of God who uses what we can present to him. She taught me that having everything isn’t actually having it all. She showed me that our joy and peace is not circumstantial, but rather rooted deep within us, brought upon us by the Holy Spirit. Hadassah taught me that being persecuted for Christ is a privilege, for through it comes the salvation of another. She showed that you can keep your head high, even as others will doubt you, use you, and turn their backs on you. She taught me that if Christ is your center, you will undoubtedly touch everyone you meet.

If you’re looking for a historically accurate, riveting tale of love, lust, revenge, faith, courage, hardships, perseverance and miracles, buy A Voice in the Wind. You will be engrossed in three intertwining stories, and by the end of the book (as well as the beginning) you will be brought to tears. And this book is only the beginning of three!

Dustin Kensrue

Some of you might already know Dustin Kensrue from Thrice. In addition to Thrice’s eight albums, Kensrue has  put out six solo albums and EPs. I haven’t listened to them all, but I’ve listened to The Water & The Blood, and it knocked my socks off. I found myself crying to this album as I heard the  piercing truth of the gospel in his lyrics. Not to mention, his voice is strong and compelling, and you can hear his belief when he sings. There is no doubt that you will feel uplifted when you listen to this album. So go ahead, take a listen.

“Though all of us have gone astray / though all have turned to their own ways / the Lord has laid our wickedness on Him / His punishment has brought us peace / And crushed for our iniquities / He died to save His people from their sin”
Suffering Servant, The Water & The Blood


“By your blood I have redemption and salvation / Lord, you died that I might reap what you have sown / And you rose that I might be a new creation / I am born again by grace and grace alone”
Grace Alone, The Water & The Blood


Anberlin. There’s a lot that I could say about this band. I’ll say that I’ve seen then four times (because they put on the best concert), Stephen Christian has never sang a wrong note, their drummer started with them at 14, they put out seven perfect albums, their music will get you pumped and make you emotional all at once, and if you haven’t been listening to Anberlin, you are missing out on some of the best American rock music of the 2000’s. You can start from the beginning, or work your way from Lowborn and go back. Either way, you are going to have a great listening experience.

Stranger Ways, Lowborn

Self Started, Vital


Citizens & Saints

I have been a fan of Citizens & Saints since their first album, Citizens was released in 2013. After leaving Mars Hill church and record label, they changed from Citizens, to Citizens & Saints and released a new album, Join the Triumph. My favorite word to describe these albums is timeless. In ten years, I’ll still love this album (which is more than I can say for most Christian music). The bass is on point, the vocals are easy to listen to, and the lyrics are straight gospel, through and through. Even if you don’t like christian music, the music is so catchy, you won’t be able to resist it.

“Then like a river of life in a dry land / like a flicker of sight to a blind man / I saw the glorious light as it broke in / God of mercy and might /Oh you brought me back to life!”
Brought Me Back To life , off Join The Triumph

“Through the Spirit, I have righteousness / sweet victory over the flesh / I can walk with confidence in you / as you gratify my soul with truth / All my life I live to follow / you, Oh Lord, as you change my desires / Liberated by the blood of Jesus / I found life in the sweetness of freedom.
Sweetness of Freedom, off Citizens