Keep It Shut

I know I haven’t blogged recently, and I am so sorry for it. I feel like in a matter of a year, I went from having zero hobbies to more than I can handle. I learned to play bass, started knitting, began to read more books, played more video games, started this website, picked up journaling, started jogging, and now I bought a new bike! My husband, Keifer, says I’m awful with time management. I think he might be right. But what I’m even more awful at is keeping my mouth shut.

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A Voice In The Wind

Hvoicewindadassah (the main character) taught me that our faith, no matter how weak and flawed, can help us persevere through anything; it isn’t by ourselves, but rather the hands of God who uses what we can present to him. She taught me that having everything isn’t actually having it all. She showed me that our joy and peace is not circumstantial, but rather rooted deep within us, brought upon us by the Holy Spirit. Hadassah taught me that being persecuted for Christ is a privilege, for through it comes the salvation of another. She showed that you can keep your head high, even as others will doubt you, use you, and turn their backs on you. She taught me that if Christ is your center, you will undoubtedly touch everyone you meet.

If you’re looking for a historically accurate, riveting tale of love, lust, revenge, faith, courage, hardships, perseverance and miracles, buy A Voice in the Wind. You will be engrossed in three intertwining stories, and by the end of the book (as well as the beginning) you will be brought to tears. And this book is only the beginning of three!