Psalm 8

Read Psalm 8 and reflect.

The Lord our God

  • His name is magnificent through all the earth
  • He has covered the heavens with his majesty
  • He establishes a stronghold to silence the enemy
  • He has created all things
  • Creation is the work of his fingers
  • He made us in His image
  • He made so much, but He still remembers us
  • He crowns us with glory and honor
  • He entrusted us with His earth
  • He made all decisions about humanity and earthly order
  • He is magnificent

Oh Lord, thank you for remembering me amongst the rest of your creation. I don’t deserve your affection, and I don’t deserve to be set apart! How magnificent are you for creating the earth and planning our destinies. You made all I have and deserve all the glory for it, for it is all good and I get to enjoy it! Thank you for how wonderful you are, I could say it forever and it never be enough. 

Psalm 7

Read Psalm 7 and reflect.

The Lord:

  • Gives refuge
  • Saves us from enemies
  • His anger rises
  • He has ordained judgement
  • His seat is high above
  • He judges over all people
  • He vindicates
  • He ends wickedness
  • He establishes the righteous
  • He examines thoughts and emotions
  • He is a righteous judge
  • He shows his wrath every day
  • He has prepared his deadly weapons against those who do not repent
  • He will ensnare evildoers in their own traps

The Lord is righteous, He is the Lord Most High.

Thank you, Lord, for being refuge for the righteous and wrath for the wicked. Thank you for choosing to make me righteous and for vindicating me. Thank you for being high above us, ordaining all things. You are my refuge, and I rejoice in you.

Psalm 6

read Psalm 6 and reflect.

We should:

  • Address the Lord with reverant fear
  • Admit our weakness to Him
  • Turn to the Lord when distressed
  • Take our sorrows to Him
  • Be confident in the Lord’s heart, faithfully believing in His help
  • Tell others the Lord has heard your cries

The Lord will:

  • Receive our prayers with grace
  • Not give us what we deserve (death)
  • Hear our cries of help
  • Comfort our broken soul
  • Hear our weeping
  • Accept our genuine prayers
  • Defeat our enemies

Thank you Lord, for hearing my cries when I’m distressed. Even when maybe my woes are self-inflicted, you still rescue me with grace. You accept prayers of genuineness when I admit that I can’t fix my own broken hear, and you heal me and comfort me. You have defeated my demons and my enemies, you have renewed my strength. Thank you for being all Holy, all worthy of praise, and all capable.

Psalms 4-5

read Psalms 4-5 and reflect.

  • He is vindication
  • He frees us from affliction
  • He is gracious
  • He hears our prayers
  • He is Truth
  • He sets apart the faithful
  • He answers when we call
  • He is trustworthy
  • The light of His face shines on us
  • He gives joy
  • He makes us live in safety
  • He pays attention to our cries, he hears our woes
  • He does not delight in wickedness
  • He does not, and can not, dwell in evil
  • He abhors violent and treacherous people
  • He hates all evil doers
  • He destroys liars
  • His love is faithful and abundant
  • He leads me in his righteousness
  • He makes our ways straight
  • He punishes evil doers
  • He gives rescue and refuge
  • He is worthy of our praise and boasting of His name
  • He blesses the righteous
  • He surrounds the righteous with favor like a shield

Thank you Lord, for vindicating me, of clearing me of all blame. You alone are the one who hears our prayers and responds to us. You are not too far away to reach out and comfort us when in need. You give me joy in the midst of my sadness, in the midst of my troubles. You do not delight in wickedness, but rather destroy those who rebel against you. You do this out of love, to protect us from evil doers. Your love is so faithful and so abundant, I am just so thankful for it. Thank you for your refuge and your favor like a shield.

Psalms 1-3

In the midst of being hunted, David still praises the Lord, knowing He is the only life-giver. 

read Psalms 1-3 and reflect.

  • His instruction is our delight, worthy of our constant meditation
  • He watches over the righteous
  • He sends the wicked into ruin
  • He judges the wicked
  • He laughs at those who conspire against him
  • He terrifies the wicked with his anger and wrath
  • He ridicules those who believe they can overthrow him
  • He declares Jesus as his Son
  • He gives the Son his inheritance
  • He deserves to be served with reverential awe
  • He will destroy the rebellious
  • He alone gives refuge
  • He is a shield
  • He is our glory
  • He is our head-lifter
  • He answers from above
  • He removes our fear
  • He alone sustains our life
  • He strikes my enemies
  • He breaks the teeth of the wicked
  • He blesses his people
  • Salvation belongs to him alone

God, thank you for being all of your attributes, even if I don’t always understand your ways. You are worthy of all my praise and all my meditation. May my thoughts dwell continuously on your goodness. Thank you for setting me apart and making me righteous, even when I didn’t deserve it. Thank you for being unstoppable and beyond man’s ability to ever overthrow. Thank you for lifting my head and for not being too far away to answer my cries. Thank you for sustaining my life, for protecting me from the wicked, and removing my fears. You deserve all the reverential awe, even more than I can give! 

Knowing God – My Study of the Psalms

I was recently listening to a sermon by Dr. John MacArthur titled Trust, Praise and Bearing Fruit. In it this sermon, MacArthur says something really important. This is a long quote, so please hang in there, and read the quote.

“There are many reasons to study the Old Testament, one of which is that it reveals so much of the character of God.  And you ought to know those things that are true of God’s nature if for no other reason than that you could praise Him for that very thing…And so when you recite the character of God, you are exalting His virtue and you are putting a backbone into the midst of your weakness…”

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Perfection is overrated.

“Quite often our affinity for perfection or getting it just right prohibits us from actually doing it…We have all these rules set up that prevent us from actually accomplishing our goal.”

I heard this quote on the Minimalists Podcast and it stuck true to me. In regards to my blog, perfection is the one thing that has always held me back. For whatever reason, I’ve always felt that my writing had to be more of a MLA Formatted report than a heartfelt blog. I thought I had to have the right pictures, the right citations, the right ‘tone’ of writing in order for it to be worth anyone reading. I thought that if I wanted to make a difference, I had to find the perfect topics and the perfect Bible verses. But really, I  was more focused on my writing being perfect instead of my writing being heartfelt. I fell into the trap I refer to as “Pinterest Perfection”. You know, those photos of houses that are so perfect, it’s obvious no one lives there. I don’t want my blog to be so perfect that it seems no one lives here, too.

I told myself that the purpose of this blog was to share my findings and to connect to your lives in a practical way. I want to share my Bible studies, my musical findings, the podcasts that speak truth into my life, and the books that transport me into different worlds. It’s okay if you don’t like the things I like, and it’s okay if you don’t agree with my studies, and it’s even okay if you don’t care for my blog. You can close this window just as quickly as you opened it. I’m not going to waste any more time trying to be perfect, I’m just going to write.



Who Knows How to Live?

I have always considered myself intelligent. It’s a trait I hold fast to when asserting myself in any situation that leaves me utterly lost. I can pick up bits of information quickly, and regurgitate facts as if I’ve studied a subject for years. It helps mask the blank education spaces on my resume; it helps me pad my very limited life experience. It also gave me this unspoken permission to feel superior to those who I deemed less knowledgable. If I applied myself and constantly sought to learn more, then why shouldn’t others do the same? Why should I not consider myself, albeit just the smallest amount, better than them? And why would I ever choose to have compassion towards ignorance?

“Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good conduct let him show his works in the meekness of wisdom.”

James 3:13 speaks of a slightly different kind of knowledge, one paired with insight that only God can provide. It’s an understanding of truth that I am still trying to come to terms with. It elevates itself above scholarly arrogance and into the realm of spiritual wisdom.

Wise and understanding do not only reflect the possession of knowledge. The Hebrew meaning of “understanding” translates to the ability to skillfully apply knowledge to the art of practical living.

James is asking the reader, “Who here knows how to live?”.

The answer can only be found in those who are truly living for Christ, because all other ambition leads to “disorder and every vile practice”.

This means that Godly wisdom sets itself apart from the wisdom of man. In its meekness, it seeks first to remain pure, then to bring peace. It’s the reason that I pray silently during difficult conversations, lest I open my mouth and allow the arrogance of the world to spill out. That’s something I have had to constantly be aware of since becoming a believer. Quick-witted remarks meant to highlight another’s incompetence are not the marks of Godly, meek wisdom. Dismissing someone’s problems because I do not feel the issue is worthy of discussion does not model me after the wise counselor. I can not choose to constantly overlook those who aren’t like me and still confess that Jesus died for all.

Knowledge is a powerful tool. We should absolutely strive to have a right knowledge of God. Proverbs says “lips that speak knowledge are like a rare jewel”. Paul encourages the study and precise application of God’s word throughout all of his writings, and most notably in 2 Timothy 2:15. When we have a correct view of God, then we are able to live in obedience to what He commands. It’s only then will we live with the type of understanding James is speaking of; wisdom that drives us to be full of mercy, slow to anger and quick to forgive. Wisdom that reminds us to put others above ourselves because we know that God, in His sovereignty, will take care of us.

Wisdom that thrives in meekness and grace.

I challenge you to ask yourself “does my knowledge of God lead me to live a life that delights in peace and the building up of others?” If not, you aren’t alone. Pray. Study. Understand. Apply.


Laura is twenty-seven years old and lives in the University area of Charlotte, North Carolina. She enjoys reading, specifically books with a hint of mystery. She excels in satire and has a love for sarcasm in small doses. She is currently prepping to travel to Brazil this summer to serve young women in Maceio.

 You can follow her on Twitter.

I am enough.

It’s been a while. And that for that, I apologize. I want to say I’ve been so busy with summer travels, or that I’ve been working 80 hours a week and barely have time to sleep, or any other excuse that could possibly sound legitimate. The honest truth is, I just haven’t been writing. Even worse, I’ve been plagued with announcements from other beautiful women as they start their blogs, inspirational Instagrams, or even put out e-books. And each of them have been a slap in the face as I remind myself, “I could be doing this. I should be doing this.” And yet, I didn’t.

But now I am.

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