Psalms 1-3

In the midst of being hunted, David still praises the Lord, knowing He is the only life-giver. 

read Psalms 1-3 and reflect.

  • His instruction is our delight, worthy of our constant meditation
  • He watches over the righteous
  • He sends the wicked into ruin
  • He judges the wicked
  • He laughs at those who conspire against him
  • He terrifies the wicked with his anger and wrath
  • He ridicules those who believe they can overthrow him
  • He declares Jesus as his Son
  • He gives the Son his inheritance
  • He deserves to be served with reverential awe
  • He will destroy the rebellious
  • He alone gives refuge
  • He is a shield
  • He is our glory
  • He is our head-lifter
  • He answers from above
  • He removes our fear
  • He alone sustains our life
  • He strikes my enemies
  • He breaks the teeth of the wicked
  • He blesses his people
  • Salvation belongs to him alone

God, thank you for being all of your attributes, even if I don’t always understand your ways. You are worthy of all my praise and all my meditation. May my thoughts dwell continuously on your goodness. Thank you for setting me apart and making me righteous, even when I didn’t deserve it. Thank you for being unstoppable and beyond man’s ability to ever overthrow. Thank you for lifting my head and for not being too far away to answer my cries. Thank you for sustaining my life, for protecting me from the wicked, and removing my fears. You deserve all the reverential awe, even more than I can give! 

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