Psalm 8

Read Psalm 8 and reflect.

The Lord our God

  • His name is magnificent through all the earth
  • He has covered the heavens with his majesty
  • He establishes a stronghold to silence the enemy
  • He has created all things
  • Creation is the work of his fingers
  • He made us in His image
  • He made so much, but He still remembers us
  • He crowns us with glory and honor
  • He entrusted us with His earth
  • He made all decisions about humanity and earthly order
  • He is magnificent

Oh Lord, thank you for remembering me amongst the rest of your creation. I don’t deserve your affection, and I don’t deserve to be set apart! How magnificent are you for creating the earth and planning our destinies. You made all I have and deserve all the glory for it, for it is all good and I get to enjoy it! Thank you for how wonderful you are, I could say it forever and it never be enough. 

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