Psalm 7

Read Psalm 7 and reflect.

The Lord:

  • Gives refuge
  • Saves us from enemies
  • His anger rises
  • He has ordained judgement
  • His seat is high above
  • He judges over all people
  • He vindicates
  • He ends wickedness
  • He establishes the righteous
  • He examines thoughts and emotions
  • He is a righteous judge
  • He shows his wrath every day
  • He has prepared his deadly weapons against those who do not repent
  • He will ensnare evildoers in their own traps

The Lord is righteous, He is the Lord Most High.

Thank you, Lord, for being refuge for the righteous and wrath for the wicked. Thank you for choosing to make me righteous and for vindicating me. Thank you for being high above us, ordaining all things. You are my refuge, and I rejoice in you.

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