Psalm 6

read Psalm 6 and reflect.

We should:

  • Address the Lord with reverant fear
  • Admit our weakness to Him
  • Turn to the Lord when distressed
  • Take our sorrows to Him
  • Be confident in the Lord’s heart, faithfully believing in His help
  • Tell others the Lord has heard your cries

The Lord will:

  • Receive our prayers with grace
  • Not give us what we deserve (death)
  • Hear our cries of help
  • Comfort our broken soul
  • Hear our weeping
  • Accept our genuine prayers
  • Defeat our enemies

Thank you Lord, for hearing my cries when I’m distressed. Even when maybe my woes are self-inflicted, you still rescue me with grace. You accept prayers of genuineness when I admit that I can’t fix my own broken hear, and you heal me and comfort me. You have defeated my demons and my enemies, you have renewed my strength. Thank you for being all Holy, all worthy of praise, and all capable.

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