Psalms 4-5

read Psalms 4-5 and reflect.

  • He is vindication
  • He frees us from affliction
  • He is gracious
  • He hears our prayers
  • He is Truth
  • He sets apart the faithful
  • He answers when we call
  • He is trustworthy
  • The light of His face shines on us
  • He gives joy
  • He makes us live in safety
  • He pays attention to our cries, he hears our woes
  • He does not delight in wickedness
  • He does not, and can not, dwell in evil
  • He abhors violent and treacherous people
  • He hates all evil doers
  • He destroys liars
  • His love is faithful and abundant
  • He leads me in his righteousness
  • He makes our ways straight
  • He punishes evil doers
  • He gives rescue and refuge
  • He is worthy of our praise and boasting of His name
  • He blesses the righteous
  • He surrounds the righteous with favor like a shield

Thank you Lord, for vindicating me, of clearing me of all blame. You alone are the one who hears our prayers and responds to us. You are not too far away to reach out and comfort us when in need. You give me joy in the midst of my sadness, in the midst of my troubles. You do not delight in wickedness, but rather destroy those who rebel against you. You do this out of love, to protect us from evil doers. Your love is so faithful and so abundant, I am just so thankful for it. Thank you for your refuge and your favor like a shield.

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